CCST 227

Art and Soul Of Social Change

Art, Activism and New Media Technology in Popular Resistance

Weekly Schedule and Readings


Week I: January 31

Introduction to key terms and issues: Ahimsa,  Artivist and Aeffect
Required Readings:

  1.  Why Art and  Aeffecy for social change?
  2. Public Policy for Social Change

Week II: February 7


1.    Howard Zinn

2.    Social Change

3.     Toni Morrison, Sonia Sanchez, Ta-Nehisi Coates Discuss Art And Social Justice

Week II: February 14,

Dance to Change the World

  1. One Billion Rising, Rising to a Way of Life
  2. The Power of Dance for Social Change

3.    Dance For Social Justice

4.    My Revolution Lives in this body

Week IV: February 21

The Logic of Nonviolance and Social Movements.
Required Readings:

1.     The Nature of Political Power

2.     The Mythology of Violence: Ackerman and Duvall, pp 457-468

3.    Howard Zinn,The Power of Nonviolence, Retaliation, ,Introduction & 5-7 , The trial of Scott Nearing, 42-44, and Gandhi:   45-46

Please Watch the Videos

      Why We Fight

      The Cost of War

      The Top Ten Most Influential Resistances/revolts

      How to Protest as a Person of color


Week IV: February 28

Art, Activism and the Political transformation of the Modern Middle East

1.    How Rap Music Fueled the “Arab Spring”

2.    Rock The Kasba

3.    The Protestor

4.    From Fear to Fury: Tunisia Pays Tribute

5.    Revolutionary Walls:  Bahia Shehab: A thousand times no

6.    Inside the Egyption Revolution  2.0


Week V: March 7

International Women’s Day #Balance for Better

Photography, social change and human rights.


  1. Subhani Kiran, Photos as Witness
  2. James Nachtwei; My Photographs Bear Witness

Week VI: March 14

No Class, Students Work on Your Critical Project.

Students Work on critical approaches adopted by an artist,

from one of the chosen social movements, whose art practice has

 Affected/inspired/impacted you


Week VII: March 21

Refugees and the Migrant Stories

 Ai Wei Wei,  Migrant Crisis: Human Flow  


Week VIII: March 28


1.    Immigration in the united States and Policy

2.    Migration is beautiful; Favianna Rodriguez
  Art power and Imagination


Week IX: April 4

Spring Break No Class

Week X: April 11

Technologies of Protest: Public Square and Social Change 
"Surveillance and Sousveillance


    1. When the Watched Become the Watchers"
    2. Keep an Eye on Hasan Elahi


Week XI: April 18

Artist Against Modern Day Slavery




Week XII: April 25

Technologies of Protest: Public Square and Social Change 
"Surveillance and Sousveillance
1. Public Sousveillance of Police Misconduct


Week XIII & XIV: May 2 & 9

Final Presentations